SAITO FG-17 gasoline engine

Product number: 92396
Manufacturer number: FG17
GTIN/EAN: 9010189084426


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Description "SAITO FG-17 gasoline engine"
SAITO FG-17 based on the FA-100 glow ignition engine, equipped with carburetor, pump and ignition system for gasoline operation. The FG-17 can thus be used as an alternative to the FA-100 without major modifications.

Technical information:
  • Displ.: 17,20 cc
  • Bore: 29 mm
  • Stroke: 26 mm
  • Prop: 14x8" - 16x6"
  • Weight: 610 g (Engine only)
  • Weight mufflerr: 60 g
  • Weight ignition: 113 g
  • Weight engine mount: 155 g
  • Practical speed: 2000 - 9500 rpm
  • Propeller: 14x8" - 16x6"
  • Fuel: Regular gasoline:Oil = 20:1
  • Voltage: 6-8V for ignition

Who does not know them, the fantastically beautiful 4T engines from SAITO! For years known for highest quality and reliability. SAITO motors from the time of the (FA)ignition motors have become known. Always in 4-stroke design, in black housing with golden valve cover ( GK") or simply in silver-colored housing. Later followed modern large-volume (FG) petrol engines in different cylinder numbers. These new petrol engines quickly enjoyed great popularity, and from the outset they were regarded as powerful and reliable. Gasoline engines have a lower fuel consumption than ignition motors and the fuel is also much cheaper. The electronic ignition makes it possible to start the engines without an annealing device, which significantly improves the operating comfort compared to earlier engines. Commercially available standard gasoline is usually used in combination with high-quality 2T oil in a 15-20:1 ratio. A manual and in English language is enclosed with the engine.

Technical data
ccm: 17,17
HP: 1,9
RPM: 2000-9500
Weight (g): 670 g
Cylinder Type: Ring
Incl. muffler: yes
Selection category: Benzinmotor
Box contents
  • SAITO FG-17 Gas Engine
  • Alu engine mount
  • Silencer
  • electr. ignition
  • english manual