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Manufacturer number: FMS113P-REF


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Description "FMS A-10 THUNDERBOLT II V2 EDF 80 PNP"
The most beautiful warthog in the world

The A-10 Thunderbolt II V2 from FMS is the successor to the popular
A-10 from 2017. The "warthog" is characterized by its numerous
Scale details and its inspiring performance are a highlight for
Pilots and spectators on every airfield.

Better The features that already made the V1 version so
have been maintained. The V2 version comes
now with improved servos for more precision, more powerful controllers
with BEC, an improved chassis and many more small
but fine improvements. Feel the difference! With the
Further development of the A-10 no detail was overlooked.

More powerful
Propulsion The twin-jet jet is driven by two
efficient 12-blade impellers with high performance
internal brushless sliders and two 80A controllers with integrated

Construction in PNP The Jet model is made of
extra strong and especially light EPO hard foam material. The
complete electronics such as motor, impeller, controller, servos and the
electric retractable undercarriage are already installed in the model.
The battery is clean, the receiver is clean, and the A-10 V2 from FMS is ready -
ready to put a big grin on your face.

Scale The "warthog" is a real eye-catcher - not only
the original flight picture impresses, but also the
numerous small details on the model. Removable bombs- and
rocket dummies, replicated rivet courses, a painted
pilot figure, an authentic paintwork and the electrical
The retractable undercarriage makes the A-10 a feast for the eyes.
Scale fans.

Mounting During the mounting of the surfaces, thanks to the
system, no more cables have to be plugged in - the contacts
are automatically activated during the joining process by the
Plug manufactured.


Construction made of extra strong EPO rigid foam material

Super-original optics and flight image

low weight and still high stiffness

2 Brushless internal rotor motors installed

NEW: instead of dual 70A controllers 80A controllers with external 8A are now available
BEC installed

efficient 80mm 12-blade impeller built in

nine digital servos with metal gears for high control precision

built-in CNC milled retractable undercarriage, completely made from

NEW: revised nose landing gear with minimized play

Retractable undercarriage with electrical overload protection

NEW: The tyres on the ball-bearing wheels are equipped with a
improved mixture longer service life

detachable bombs and missiles

painted pilot figure and instrument panel

simulated rivet paths

LED lighting with bright landing light

hinged landing flaps for uncritical landing approaches

NEW: enlarged cabin compartment now enables 2 pcs 6S 3300mAh
Batteries for more flight time

NEW: Optimized locking of the canopy with more stability

NEW: improved connectors on the quick-release locking system for
additional security

Assembly in 10-30 minutes

NEW: new attractive and true to original paint finish

Includes richly illustrated assembly instructions in German and English.


span width: 1500 mm

Length: 1368 mm

Flight weight: approx. 4100 g

Area: 36,2 dm²

Wing loading: 113.2 g/dm²

Motor: 2x Brushless internal rotor 2860-KV1800

Impeller: 80mm, 12-blade - Regulator: 2x 80A with 8A BEC

Servos: 4x Digital 23g MG | 5x Digital 13g MG

Stabilisation system (included in this set) This set
a reflex system specially programmed for this aircraft is located in the
at. This electronic stabilisation system was developed,
to assist the pilot with control commands, but not to
I'm sorry to bother you. The Reflex system works with PPM as well as with
SBUS inputs and works natively with all common
Remote control systems. If the reflex system is connected to a 3-channel
Switch assigned can be selected between 3 different modes:
- Stabilized mode: When releasing the joysticks, the
automatically brought the model into a neutral flight position, which
beginners and inexperienced pilots a lot of safety in the
in dicey situations. - Optimized Mode: The Gyro System
of the reflex system acts on external influences such as wind gusts or
The model is held precisely in a stable position. -•
Off: The Reflex System can be switched off completely. The
Reflex System is specially adjusted for this model aircraft. It
no further programming is required, only the
Installation and connection in the model must still be carried out. The reflex
System can be used with all receivers with at least 4 channels

This set includes:
- FMS A-10 Thunderbolt II V2 PNP
- Reflex stabilization system

Required accessories:
- Remote control: min. 6 channels
- Receiver: min. 6 channels
- Battery: 6S LiPo 5000mAh 45C
- Lipo Charger

Technical data
Airfoil: -
Building Skill: Beginners
Control: S,H,Q,M,LK, EZFW
Drive Type: -
Empty weight approx. (g): -
Flight Skill: Advanced
Flight weight approx. (g): 4100
Fuselage: EPO
Length (mm): 1368
Manufacturer: FMS
Rec. Battery: 6S/5000mAh
Wing-span (mm): 1500
Wings: EPO
recommend Motor: Included
Das Produkt A-10 THUNDERBOLT II V2 EDF 80 PNP von FMS in der Kategorie Electric Jets hat eine Spannweite von 1500 sowie ein Gewicht von 4100. Die Steuerung des Modells erfolgt über die Funktionen S,H,Q,M,LK, EZFW. Das Modell ist als PNP- PLUG N PLAY ausgeführt . Wir empfehlen einen 6S/5000mAh Akku für dieses Elektroflugmodell.

* Erklärung Steuerfunktionen:
  • H ... Höhenruder
  • S ... Seitenruder
  • Q ... Querruder
  • M ... Motorsteuerung
  • V ... Vektorsteuerung
  • LK ... Landeklappen
  • SK ... Störklappen
  • WK ... Wölbklappen
  • EZFW ... Einziehfahrwerk
  • SKU ... Schleppkupplung
  • ( ) ... optional - in Klammer geschriebene Steuerfunktionen sind bei dem beschriebenen Modell optional verfügbar
FMS was founded in 2007 in Shenzen and offers beautiful scale foam warbird models. All models are Ready to Fly (requiring only a transmitter, receiver, and battery). They are already finished, sometimes with electric landing gear, and high performance servos, brushless motors, and brushless ESCs. They also offer gliders (sailplanes) and Jets.