Fireball Glow plug Super Cool short

Product number: 9778305
Manufacturer number: 15004


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Description "Fireball Glow plug Super Cool short"
Original FIREBALL glow plugs from the USA have been the byword for quality and performance since 1948. The glow coil (heating element) consists of a special platinum alloy. This results in up to 3 times longer life compared to conventional glow plugs.

Version SUPER COOL / COLD SHORT (manufacturer's designation = Fireball STANDARD SC-10S

Product description
* Ideal for glow ignition engines
* High quality platinum coil
* Reliable engine start
* Speed resistant
* Longer service life
* Top performance
* Low consumption

Which glow plug should I use?
STANDARD = For all engines with little nitromethane, normal power, normal outside temperatures
HOT = For all engines without nitromethane, often operated in partial load range, cold outside temperatures
SUPER COOL (COLD) = For all engines with a lot of nitromethane, high power, high outside temperatures