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Manufacturer number: 94947
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Ground-breaking 3-axis stabilisation system. Gyro CORTEX has a high-quality, is reliable and universal. Whether a Parkflyer, 3D Acro model or turbine jet, this gyro fits every RC aircraft. 100% reliable sensors. The latest soft-ware algorithms. Everything in more remarkably small and CNC-milled aluminium housing. Together, these fea-tures bring the gyro to a whole new level. And they will do the same for your RC aeroplane. Whatever you do, you will notice the difference - your remote controlled aeroplane is in the air, starting and landing work per-fectly and strong or gusty winds are no longer a problem.

Immediately 'Ready to Run'. Simply read in existing signals and take flight.
The Cortex does not require any PC or additional software settings - unless it is desired. You do not want to wait too long and start immediately? You can teach the existing signals such as servo, control functions and mixer settings via the stick travel and your aeroplane is ready to soar through the air. It couldn't be easier.

Compatible. Universal. Strong. The versatility leaves nothing to be desired.
The CORTEX supports up to 5 freely selectable channels, e.g., 2 ailerons, 2 elevators and a rudder or 4 ailerons and one elevator etc. In addition to all standard receivers, the gyro CORTEX is compatible with various sum signal reception systems, such as S-bus (input), 2 spectrum/JR satellites and all PPM sum signals. Software and firmware updates can be completed in the Internet at any time.

(Note: for sum signal input configuration as well as online firmware updates, the USB cable is needed, available as accessory!)

Scope of delivery & gadgets. Greatest possible flying satisfaction - without worries.
Get to know the carefree demonic satisfaction of flying with a bavarianDEMON. With emphasis placed on "carefree". The bavarianDEMON is coming to you, equipped with a sensor unit, connection cable harness, mounting pads, USB connection cable and exclusive design and information material. Operating instructions and PC software are available for download under the "Service" heading at Software / Firmware ( and Manuals / Data Sheets. Additional spending caused by crashes are considerably reduced through a "DEMON inside" because training with this device is simply faster and more efficient. Even experienced pilots who have used CORTEX once no longer want to do without the "DEMON inside".

Box contents
  • incl. adhesive pads
  • Connection cable harness
  • Jumper for programming


bavarianDEMON is one of the most striking and ambitious young labels in the RC-model making. If bavarianDEMON is written on something, you can expect quality, exclusivity, performance, action and innovation - and all that with a "Demon inside". bavarianDEMON is extremely strong in the stabilisation performance. With numerous innovationes and world firsts, bavarianDEMON supports newcomer and experts all over the world, concentrated on different demands, learning curves and expectations, for RC-helicopters and area models.