OA-Composites ALIEN DLG Slope Soarer 1,2m rainbow Nurflügler

Product number: 9788614
Manufacturer number: ALIEN-rainbow


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Description "OA-Composites ALIEN DLG Slope Soarer 1,2m rainbow Nurflügler"
"ALIEN" is an impressive flying wing model in modern monocoque construction from OA Composites.
The model is quick and easy to assemble, can be easily transported and is ready to fly at the airport within a short time. Thanks to the sophisticated design by Christophe Bourdon, the model has a very wide range of uses. Whether on a slope or in the DLG throw start, ALIEN knows how to convince in all areas. The model is also robust enough to be flown on slopes in strong winds. Even ballasting is possible. Thus, the model is suitable for entry into DS aviation. But Alien can not only be flown fast, the model also knows how to inspire in thermals. Due to the modern shell construction in carbon/GRP, the assembly of the model is easy. Special holders are included for the servos, as is a ballast tube for ballast weights of approx. 19x50mm.

To complete the model, KST X06 for rudder and X08H (x2) or similar for ailerons are provided. The model is sufficiently supplied with a small 1S Lipo approx. 350-600mAh.

Technical data
Wing-span (mm): 1200
Flight weight approx. (g): 250
Control: S,Q
Length (mm): 540
Manufacturer: OA-COMPOSITES
Fuselage: Carbon/FiberGlass
Wings: Fiberglass/Carbon
Rec. Battery: 1S 380-660mAh LiPo
Flight Skill: Professional
Build Skill: Professional
Box contents
  • ALIEN model in ultra-modern CFRP/GFRP shell construction
  • special 3D printed sero holders
  • small material like servo covers, rudder horns etc.
  • assembly instructions illustrated in english language (download only)

The product ALIEN DLG Slope Soarer 1,2m rainbow from OA-Composites in the category Glider Models has a wingspan of 1200 and a weight of . The model is controlled via the functions S,Q*. The Model is GFK/CFK .

* Explanation of control functions:
  • H ... Elevator
  • S ... Rudder
  • Q ... Ailerons
  • M ... Motor controlled
  • V ... Vector controlled
  • SK ... Airbrakes
  • WK ... Flaps
  • WZFW ... Retractable Landing Gear
  • SKU ... Glider Tow
  • ( ) ... optional - control functions written in brackets are optionally available for the described model