OA-Composites Strike 3 Mini DLG Ejection Glider Colour # C ("Plus" Pink)

Product number: 9778548
Manufacturer number: Strike3 #C


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Description "OA-Composites Strike 3 Mini DLG Ejection Glider Colour # C ("Plus" Pink)"
The "Strike 3" made of CFRP belongs to the family of F3K high performance models and is the little brother of the 1.5 meter competition model "NRJ".
The model is considered to be the perfect entry model into the centrifugal glider scene.

The model features the same excellent flight characteristics as the NRJ and is ideal for thermal specialists.

The 1.0 meter version is brought to remarkable heights with a discus throwing technique. Due to the low weight of approx. 120 grams! and due to tight circling the thermals can be used optimally. The highly visible design is suitable for long thermals. With a little experience and luck, flights of more than ten minutes can be achieved.
The landing can be done in the flying field or with some practice even in your hands.

The Strike3 is also suitable as a backpack model for hiking due to its small wingspan.

The high degree of production of OA-composites allows an easy assembly.

Technical data
Airfoil: -
Bauerfahrung: Fortgeschritten
Control: H,S,Q
Empty weight approx. (g): -
Flight weight approx. (g): 120
Flugerfahrung: Fortgeschritten
Fuselage: Carbon
Länge (mm): 700
Manufacturer: OA-COMPOSITES
Type of drive: ohne
Wing-span (mm): 1000
Wings: Carbon
empf.Akku: 1S/500-600mAh LiXX
empf.Motor: -
Box contents
  • Wing, fuselage and tail units in CFK monocoque construction
  • Small material for rudder linkage
  • extensive, illustrated assembly instructions in German

The product Strike 3 Mini DLG Schleudersegler Farbe from OA-Composites in the category Glider Models has a wingspan of 1000 and a weight of . The model is controlled via the functions H,S,Q*. The Model is CFK .

* Explanation of control functions:
  • H ... Elevator
  • S ... Rudder
  • Q ... Ailerons
  • M ... Motor controlled
  • V ... Vector controlled
  • SK ... Airbrakes
  • WK ... Flaps
  • WZFW ... Retractable Landing Gear
  • SKU ... Glider Tow
  • ( ) ... optional - control functions written in brackets are optionally available for the described model