Product number: 9775386
Manufacturer number: 4000033
EAN-Code: 4250650940577


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Description "ABSIMA CUBE 2.0 EASY CHARGER 50W"
Easy and efficient ! The Cube 2.0 is the safe, modern and fast way to refuel energy and if your battery is full of new power, the peak detection provides the necessary protection for your power plant (auto-shutdown). This applies to the Cube 2.0 for all common battery types in model making.

- charging current 1.0A / 3.0A / 5.0A
- Charging power max. 50W
- Automatic charge current cut-off
- Integrated power supply unit 230V

- Delta - Peak safety shutdown
- Computer-controlled universal quick charger
- Very easy operation due to auto-battery recognition
- LiPo / LiFe / NiMH / NiCd battery compatible
- Integrated Individual Balancer with XH(R) connector system (2-3S)
- Integrated power supply unit
- 4 mm charging sockets
- LED display for battery type and status

Technical details:
- Input voltage - AC 230V
- Charging current 1.0A / 3.0A / 5.0A
- Charging power max. 50W
- Balancer connector system XH(R) 2/3S
- Balance current 350 mA
- Charging compatibility - LiPo & LiFe batteries 2 and 3 cells / NiMH & NiCd batteries 1 to 8 cells
- Charge plug system Banana plug
- Dimensions (L/W/H) : 109 x 109 x 55 mm
- Weight : 450 g

Technical data
Charge current (A): 1-5
Chargers category: AC 100-240V
Charging current category: up to 5A
Input Voltage (V): 230
Power (W): 50
Rechargeable batterie-types: LiPo/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd
Rechargeable cell count: 2-3 Lixx, 1-8 Nixx
Box contents
- 1 pc. Easy charger Cube 2.0
- Power Cord
- Charging cable for connector system T-Plug and Tamiya
- Detailed operating instructions

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