Product number: 9777248
Manufacturer number: SPMXC1080I
EAN-Code: 605482672983


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Description "SPEKTRUM S1100 AC SMART CHARGER 1X100W"
The S1100 AC Smart Charger charges batteries with its 100W power in no time at all. The charger has a built-in balancer and peak detection and offers you reliable protection against overheating, reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent and low input voltage. The large 2.4-inch color LCD display makes it easy to read charging parameters and smart battery data from any angle. An improved touch wheel control makes menu navigation easier.

When you use the S1100 AC Smart Charger to charge a Spektrum Smart battery, the battery type, cell count, charge current rate and capacity are automatically detected and set.

This makes charging easier than ever before: simply plug in the smart battery! After plugging in, the correct charging parameters are automatically sent from the battery's microchip memory via the IC3™ port to the charger, and the S1100 AC Smart Charger starts charging the battery safely with the specified parameters. Since the charger is backwards compatible with the older EC3™ connector, batteries that do not have Smart Technology can be charged without any problems.

You can update the Spektrum S1100 AC Smart Charger firmware yourself. Simply plug the charger into your PC via the USB port. With its compact dimensions of 122mm length, 118mm width and 63mm height, the device is extremely compact and fits on even the most crowded workbench.

Equipped with our innovative smart technology, the compact Spektrum™ S1100 AC Smart Charger with convenient integrated power supply makes charging almost any battery easier, faster and safer than ever before. The S1100 is not only compatible with the Spektrum Smart battery line, but also supports all common battery types like LiFe, LiIon, LiPo, LiHV, NiMH, NiCd and lead acid batteries.

- Spektrum™ Smart technology offers you unparalleled security and comfort
- Smart Charge takes the worry out of setting the right parameters
- The correct charging settings for each Smart battery are automatically selected
- The intelligent software determines and stores numerous smart battery data
- An improved user interface harmonizes perfectly with the smart technology
- Impressive 100W output power - Charge your battery packs in no time
- Charging of up to 6S (22.2V) batteries
- High-performance processor delivers amazing speed and reliable performance
- Easy-to-read 2.4-inch color LCD display
- Highly functional touch-wheel control
- Easy to navigate menus for changing and saving smart parameters
- Smart Auto-Charging modes (Smart Charging / Smart Storage / Smart Discharging)
- Live displayed remaining charge time
- High efficiency fan
- Compact, highly mobile design with rounded edges, fits on any crowded workbench
- Upgradeable software
- Compatible with LiFe/LiIon/LiPo/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb batteries

Technical data
Charge current (A): 0,1-10
Chargers category: AC 100-240V
Charging current category: Up to 10A
Discharge current (A): 0,1-3
Discharge current category: up to 5A
Input Voltage (V): 100-240
Power (W): 100
Rechargeable batterie-types: LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb
Rechargeable cell count: 1-6 Lixx, 1-6 LiHV, 1-16 Nixx, 1-12 Pb
Box contents
- (1) Spektrum™ S1100 AC Smart charger
- (1) AC power cable
- (1) IC3™ Battery to IC5™ Device Adapter (SPMXCA507)
- (1) Operating instructions

Spektrum is a brand from the American company Horizon Hobby. "Spektrum" is a RC Radio System revolutionizing the 2,4 GHZ RC industry. With Spektrum, Horizon Hobby was one of the first companies worldwide to offer the 2,4 GHZ technology and telemetry. Today, Spektrum is widely known as one of the best on the market in RC Radio Systems. Many Horizon Hobby models can be instantly connected with Spektrum remotes via BNF (Bind and Fly) such as Blade, E-flite, Hangar 9, hobbyzone, parkzone, or Vaterra products.