DJI Care Refresh (Mini 2) 2 year

Product number: 9780499
Manufacturer number: 5580
EAN-Code: 6941565904737


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Description "DJI Care Refresh (Mini 2) 2 year"
DJI Care Refresh (Mini 2) 1 year

The protection package offers, for a small additional fee, up to two replacement units within one year. Covering a wide range of damage types, you can always use our products without worries.

Two replacement units
DJI Care Refresh offers, for a small additional fee, up to two replacements within one year. All replacement units meet DJI's performance and reliability standards. For the Mini 2, the fee for the first replacement is 49€, for the second replacement 59€.

The Replacement Units are in mint or near mint condition in terms of performance and reliability.

DJI Care Refresh and the associated product must be purchased in the same country or region. DJI Care Refresh only supports products purchased through official or authorised channels. DJI Care Refresh services are only available in the purchasing region.

DJI Care Refresh can only be booked and registered with new purchases or within 48 hours of initial activation at the latest, please note. Once the code has been activated, Care Refresh can no longer be revoked!