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The Hansa dinghy was built 224 times by Abeking & Rasmussen between 1948 and 1969. Designed in the 1920s by Henry Rasmussen, the small keelsaber was very popular due to its versatility and became the standard class of the DSV. The 5.85 metre long boat was designed as a small and safe cruiser for inland and coastal areas. The cabin was small, but there was enough space for 2 sleeping places. In 1958 the price was about DM 7000, the Hansa dinghy No. 79 (Solveig) became famous, with which Rollo Gebhard sailed to the Red Sea in 1960/61. The lead ballast of 160kg and the small cabin give the boat the necessary stability and safety. Until today the Hansajolle is an active class in the DSV.

The model kit in scale 1:6,5 is designed for beginners, but also for advanced users and is largely based on its model. The model can be operated with or without remote control, the installation for an RC system is prepared. The interior consists of precision-cut plywood parts which are glued together in the deep-drawn hull. The deck with the printed planks is precisely cut out.

As a light wind sailor, the model, based on the original Hansa dinghy, is a classic wooden construction with high-quality
plastic hull. This allows the model builder to easily assemble the model, which is watertight right from the start. For the
If you wish to operate the model in stronger winds, it is necessary to attach a removable additional ballast to the sword.

The model kit contains:

Detailed building instructions with construction steps, deep-drawn and milled out plastic hull, sails, all wooden parts such as deck, frames, mast, cabin and rudder as well as all fittings and accessories.

Technical data
Building Skill: Advanced
Driving experience: Advanced
Length (mm): 940
Scale: 1:6,5
Version: KIT
Width (mm): 260
Das Produkt HANSAJOLLE SEGELBOOT von AERONAUT in der Kategorie Boats weist eine Länge von 940 eine Breite von 260 auf und ist als KIT ausgeführt..
Over the past 30 years, the company Aeronaut has been distributed from Modellbau Lindinger due to high quality products and services. The name "Aeronaut", based from the Greek Symbol for air and water, was chosen for the company in the 1970's as they stepped into the RC industry. Aeronaut is well known for self-designed and manufactured products, for example, the CAMCarbon Folding Propeller.