Product number: 9752475
Manufacturer number: RO1110
EAN-Code: 4005697011106


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Realistic model of a cutter on a scale of 1:20

Of the smaller working vessels on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the cutters for crab and fishing as well as for numerous other jobs are the most common. Due to their characteristic appearance they are very popular with model makers. The Antje from the range of the former Robbe company takes this fact fully into account. The prefabrication of the individual components simplifies and accelerates the construction of the model. The spacious hull offers ample space for a large battery, the drive motor and the remote control. For detailed design there is the fitting set No. 1111.

Especially the faithful and beautiful hull shape of the Antje moved us to reissue this pretty model, but we also wanted to improve and make it more faithful to the original. Laser technology helps us a great deal to ensure greater attention to detail and to make construction easier. This gives the new kit a complete. The superstructures are also made of multilayered laser-cut plywood walls and some details for the interior have been added.

Technical data
Ausführung: KIT
Bauerfahrung: Fortgeschritten
Engine Type: Electric
Länge (mm): 640
Scale: 460 mm
Use: Wasser
Width (mm): 105
empf.Motor: Max Gear Getriebemotor 2,5:1 1x
Box contents
- Hull and deck made of deep-drawn ABS plastic
- Plywood top layer laser engraved
- Wheelhouse and companionways made of plywood laser parts
- Masts and trees
- Steering gear and linkage
- Ship's propeller, shaft
- RC connecting parts
- Construction plan and multilingual, illustrated instructions
- Boat stand

Das Produkt ANTJE FISCHKUTTER BAUSATZ im Maßstab 1:20 von ROMARIN in der Kategorie Boats weist eine Länge von 640 eine Breite von 210 auf und ist als KIT ausgeführt. Das RC Modell ist für Beginner geeignet. Die Fertigstellung des Modells ist für Modellbauer mit Vorkenntnissen einfach möglich. Empfohlener Motor für dieses Schiffsmodell: Max Gear Getriebemotor 2,5:1 1x.