ABSIMA CR3.4 1/10 Crawler Chassis pre-assembled

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Manufacturer number: 12014


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Description "ABSIMA CR3.4 1/10 Crawler Chassis pre-assembled"
Since "custom builders" make up a large part of the RC crawler community, Absima wanted to offer something that could really excite this community. We now offer the CR3.4 in a pre-assembled chassis kit version for those who want to run this great chassis with their own choice of electronics, wheels and body. The Absima CR3.4 already includes so many features that our customers are looking for, and is ready to be transformed into a high performance, one-of-a-kind custom car.

Portal axles not only provide a greater distance from the differential housing to the ground than conventional axles, they also have another positive feature. With conventional vehicles, the torque applies so much force that the vehicle jumps over the obstacle. The design of portal axles reduces the gear ratio at the wheels and almost eliminates the torque shocks of the drive. The overall gear ratio of the axle drive is more than double that of non-portal designs to ensure smooth operation.

Lock and unlock the front and rear differentials independently for maximum performance on the track - all remotely controlled by your transmitter and 2x 0.9kg mini servos. Keep the differential unlocked for smooth handling at high speeds. On technical trails, you can lock the front differential, rear differential, or even both to handle extreme terrain.

- Chassis length: 445mm
- Chassis width: 235mm (without wheels)
- Chassis height: 125-200mm (body mount height adjustable)
- Wheelbase: 313mm
- Weight: 1550g
- Approach angle: 60
- Descent angle: 45
- Line deflection: 45.8°
- Shock absorber length: 90mm
- Shock oil viscosity: 500CPS
- Gear ratio: 2-speed (High 1/15.1 / Low 1/37.1), shiftable
- Transmission: module 0.8/32dp - pinion 16T / main gear 44T
- Drive system: 4WD
- Mini servos: 0.9kg waterproof (included)

CR3.4 rolling chassis allows you to use the components you really want to include:
6-CH radio control set to take full advantage of this chassis (note: one channel is required for 2-speed shifting and 2 channels are required for limited slip differentials).
"Brushed" or "Brushless" motor/drive controller combination for rock crawlers
Steering servo with minimum 9kg actuating force (recommendation: waterproof, digital)
Body and wheels to your own taste (note: wheels must be suitable for portal axles)
Battery (LiPo or NiMH - follow speed controller specifications) and a suitable charger

Technical data
Antrieb: 4WD
Building Skill: Advanced
Chassis: CR3.4
Fahrerfahrung: Anfänger
Length (mm): 445
Maßstab: 1:10
Motorart: Elektro
Verwendung: OFFROAD
Width (mm): 235
recommend Motor: Crawler
Box contents
- Absima CR3.4 Rolling Chassis
- Instruction Manual

The company ABSIMA was founded in September 2011 in Nürnberg, Germany. As exclusive dealer for Team C Racing in Europe, Absima is one of the leaders in the RC Car industry worldwide. Absima offers a large selection of Cars in 1:10 and 1:8 scale, as well as thousands of quality spare and tuning parts, RC transmitters, servos, speed controllers, electric and glow motors, battery packs, and RC boats. From Ready to Run beginner kits to competition RC models, Absima has you covered!