FM-ELECTRICS Military SUV mit Allrad 1/10 XL EP 4WD beige

Product number: 9779898
Manufacturer number: FM408_beige


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Description "FM-ELECTRICS Military SUV mit Allrad 1/10 XL EP 4WD beige"
Please be aware that this product can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom!

Please also read our safety notice:
The FM408 is a robust and very faithful replica of a US military reconnaissance vehicle.

The FM408 is equipped with four-wheel drive. Power transmission from the large 550 engine is via metal drive shafts.

The truck is enormously all-terrain and yet fast ! With 30 km/h it races through stony ground, water and mud!
With completely waterproof electronics, high-quality drive elements and an impressive driving optic and dynamics it is
a completely enormously successful vehicle!

- Axes are manually lockable
- The chassis is completely made of metal
- Roof can be removed
- 2 speed gearshift with metal gear servo
- Ultragrip rubber tires
- Separate receiver in the car

- ESC:160A esc
- Engine:550 brushed engine
- Servo:9KG alloy gear digital steering servo
- Size:472*227*267mm
- wheelbase:329mm
- track width:225mm
- wheel size:100mm
- wheel width:38mm
- Packaging:628mm*208mm*301mm

necessary for operation:
- Batteries for transmitter
- LiPo 7.4V or NimH 7.2V battery with 3000 - 5000 mAh and charger

Technical data
Engine Type: Electric
Drivetrain: 4WD
Scale: 1:10
Length (mm): 472
Wide (mm): 227
Rec. engine: Includes
Driving Experience: Beginners
Build Skill: Beginners