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Manufacturer number: 96023
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Specially developed for all RC helicopters, the AXON combines all state-of-the-art features without neglecting the easy handling - especially with the upcoming Android- /iOS-Apps via Bluetooth. Because the probably most important point on the airfield is the intuitive and simple operation and setting of all parameters without a PC, notebook or external adjustment box.
The AXON convinces with ultra-precise flight control, the latest 32-bit technology, up to 3 parameter banks, intelligent vibration control and now also with integrated speed controller (electric and combustion) for all those who do not want to do without anything. In addition, the AXON is compatible with all common analog and digital sum signal protocols, so that all RC helicopters can use this innovative technology packed in the new X-housing made of fire red aluminium. It just feels great and you'll reach a new level of performance in no time.

  • Ultra-precise flight control
  • Latest 32-bit technology
  • Multiple horizon and rescue modes
  • 3 parameter banks
  • Internal speed controller (electric and combustion)
  • Intelligent vibration control
  • iOS and Android App
  • Multi-protocol input
  • Future-proof through online update
  • Prepared with sensor bus

  • Fire-red sensor unit
  • Extravagant X-Design (housing)
  • Housing made of anodised aluminium (CNC-machined)

Box contents
  • Device (sensor unit)
  • One adhesive pad each'Acro' and'Soft' ACP
  • Connection wiring harness to receiver (150mm)
  • Mini USB cable
  • Product information

bavarianDEMON is one of the most striking and ambitious young labels in the RC-model making. If bavarianDEMON is written on something, you can expect quality, exclusivity, performance, action and innovation - and all that with a "Demon inside". bavarianDEMON is extremely strong in the stabilisation performance. With numerous innovationes and world firsts, bavarianDEMON supports newcomer and experts all over the world, concentrated on different demands, learning curves and expectations, for RC-helicopters and area models.