Product number: 9771018
Manufacturer number: 3620
EAN-Code: 4250416704221


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The iGyro 3xtra introduces the 2nd generation of the iGyro family. The complete revision of the control algorithm, the setting procedure, the extended features and the enormously increased performance make the iGyro 3xtra the new "State of the Art".

Unlike its predecessor 3e, the iGyro no longer incorporates Delta and V tail mixers. The iGyro recognizes with a simple teach-in procedure all mixer combinations of the servos, which may contain even differentiations and unequal ways. Delta wings, V-tail, flaperons and tailerons are simply programmed as usual in the transmitter. With the help of a complex 3-dimensional algorithm, the control commands in cross, height and side are separated separately for all 5 inputs. This ensures precise blanking of the individual axes for control inputs or the heading function!

Another significant innovation is the teach-in process of the mounting position by moving the model, which also defines the effective directions in the iGyro at the same time. The uncertainty of many pilots as to whether the operating direction has been set correctly is a thing of the past.

If you don't have a smarthone with BlueCom adapter or laptop with USB interface adapter at hand on the airfield, you can easily readjust the sensitivity for each individual axis separately using the joysticks on the transmitter - without any additional equipment!

The hardware has also been upgraded: an extensive ESD protection has been installed in order to be fully protected against static charges in the model.

Additional features such as Gyro Characteristics, Stickpriority and Lock-in-Feel give even experts all the tools they need to adapt the iGyro 3xtra to their needs.

- High-precision 3-axis MEMS sensor
- New rule algorithm for surface models with increased performance
- Optional GPS controlled speed compensation
- Freely selectable mounting position
- Automatic recognition of the mounting position
- Simplest setting procedure
- Setting the sensitivities of the individual axes without additional devices
- Delta and V-Leitwerk mixers are precisely detected even with differentiation
- Exact separation of control inputs for mixed inputs
- Flap mixer can be added without limiting gyro performance
- Setting the sensitivity on the transmitter
- Attitude Assist function for precise gyroregulation selectable
- Two ranges selectable from transmitter for different gyro function
- Gyro characteristic selectable in 5 levels
- Adjustable stick priority
- Lock- in Feel adjustable
- Input and output with PWM signals
- Fine tuning via USB or BlueCom and mobile phone
- Updateable with the PowerBox USB Interface Adapter
- Robust aluminium housing

Technical data
- Operating voltage 4,0V - 9,0V
- Current consumption operation 40mA
- Current carrying capacity 20A
- Signal Input PWM
- Servo outputs, total 5
- Servo pulse resolution 0.5µs
- Gyro control Heading and normal mode
- Gyro Sensor Type MEMS