DJI Mavic Air 2 - Fly More Combo incl. DJI Smart remote control

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Description "DJI Mavic Air 2 - Fly More Combo incl. DJI Smart remote control"
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Extreme high resolution details
1/2-inch image sensor, 48 megapixel photos and 4K video at 60 fps

contrast, colour and control
HDR photo, video and panorama

cinema-ready recordings>/strong>
Hyperlapse (space lapse) and QuickShots

Longer in the air
Up to 34 minutes flight time and up to 240 minutes remote control battery life

Intelligent and safe flight>/strong>
APAS 3.0 Obstacle avoidance

10 km video transmission with 1080p at 30 fps

The Mavic Air 2 sets new standards in terms of performance and mobility, offering advanced features in a compact form factor. Intelligent shooting functions and outstanding image quality make cinematic aerial photography a breeze. With a safer and smarter flight, perfect shots are easier than ever.

- 48 Megapixel photos & 4K video at 60 fps
- 10km 1080p video transmission
- Up to 34 minutes flight time
- FocusTrack
- HDR photo/video/panorama
- 8K Hyperlapse (space lapse)
- Picture quality
- Masterpieces of the next generation

4K videos at 60fps - Simply ingenious
Master creative aerial shots with effortlessly smooth 4K video at 60 fps The flat colour profile
D-Cinelike stores more image information for post processing. The H.265 (HEVC) video codec records more image information, requires less memory and preserves the dynamic range and detail of the footage.

HDR video - Dynamic by default>/strong>
The secret of stunning HDR video is a powerful quad-bay image sensor. A single image separates the exposure levels in different areas to better capture light and dark details. The images are combined to create a colourful, balanced and distinctive image with higher dynamic range.

48 megapixel photos - crucial details
With a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor, the Mavic Air 2 captures an impressive 48 megapixels of photos. Get ready to discover a new quality of aerial photography.

SmartPhoto - Optimised photography
The Mavic Air 2 has the SmartPhoto mode. The new photo mode automatically selects between Scene Detection, HyperLight and HDR for optimal results. Scene detection optimises different camera parameters for different scenes and supports intelligent detection of five categories: Sunset, sky, grass, snow and trees.

Good lighting conditions>/strong>
In good lighting conditions, HDR significantly improves dynamic range by adjusting exposure parameters and superimposing shots to produce more vibrant, high-quality photos.

poor lighting conditions
HyperLight optimises photos taken in low light conditions, resulting in less noise and improved clarity.

Mavic Air 2 offers DJI's most advanced panoramic mode with a higher dynamic range and colours that are more vibrant and accurate.

Intelligent functions - film like the pros
The Mavic Air 2 combines a powerful camera with intelligent recording modes to deliver impressive results. There are no limits to your imagination as creative aerial photography has never been easier.

FocusTrack - Conquer the sky
FocusTrack allows effortless cinema-quality recordings! The user-friendly combination of intelligent tracking features includes ActiveTrack 3.0, Spotlight 2.0 and POI 3.0 (Point of Interest), suitable for every situation.

Spotlight 2.0
Like a flying cameraman! In Spotlight 2.0, the camera always stays focused on the target. Simply select and confirm the subject, and the Mavic Air 2 takes care of the rest.

ActiveTrack 3.0
With the latest version of DJI's ActiveTrack technology, it's smoother than ever to follow people or objects while avoiding obstacles. With better pathfinding and faster and more accurate prediction to find lost subjects, this technology keeps the subject in the centre of the picture, even when moving behind a tree.

POI 3.0>/strong>
POI 3.0 improves the capabilities of POI 2.0, especially the detection of flat surfaces. Where POI 2.0 may lose the target when tracking, this is no longer the case. POI 3.0 can now track objects such as people, cars and boats dynamically.

8K Hyperlapse (space lapse) - space and time
The Mavic Air 2 supports hyperlapse in 8K, a recording mode that captures space and time in an impressive way. The best thing about it is that a hyperlapse video can be created without complex post-production. Simply find an exciting location and choose between the modes "Free", "Circle", "Course Lock" and "Waypoint" - the DJI Fly app does the rest.

- Course lock
- Free
- Waypoints
- Circle
- QuickShots - Ingeniously simple
- Flight manoeuvres like the pros, very easy and automatic with QuickShots. At the touch of a button, the Mavic Air 2 plans and flies a complex route, recording and editing video. With intuitive templates, music, effects and filters can be added and then shared directly in social media.

- Dronie
- Circle
- Helix
- Rocket
- Boomerang
- Asteroid
- Flight and safety - Safe flight for breathtaking content

OcuSync 2.0 - Everything is possible
The OcuSync 2.0 video transmission is able to transmit the image of the camera to a distance of up to 10 km - and this in a resolution of up to 1080p at 30 fps. Absolute freedom to explore and a crystal clear image for the perfect shot!

2.4 / 5.8 GHz Automatic frequency change - reliable signal, smooth flight
Mavic Air 2 supports communication over several frequencies (2.4 and 5.8 GHz) and automatically switches in real time to the best channel with the least interference. This significantly improves the aircraft's immunity to interference in difficult environments and increases flight safety.

Battery and flight - Longer in the air
With an impressive battery life of up to 34 minutes, the aircraft stays in the air long enough to take the perfect shot. In sport mode, even impressive and fast-paced shots can be filmed at a maximum flying speed of 68 km/h.

obstacle avoidance - safe flight
The Mavic Air 2 perceives its surroundings in three directions: forward, backward and downward. An additional light improves visibility. Further safety is provided by obstacle detection, which is ideal for pushing the limits of what is possible.

Vision sensor, precise up to 22 metres

vision sensor, precise up to 23.6 metres

Visual sensors, infrared sensors and the additional light support visual positioning, safe landing and visibility in the air. It can be switched on and off manually.

APAS 3.0
The Pilot Assistance System APAS 3.0 uses advanced chart technology for smooth tracking and reliable obstacle avoidance in complex scenarios. The obstacle avoidance capability and automatic flight planning have improved dramatically compared to previous generations, increasing safety and offering more options.

DJI Fly App - effortless editing
The DJI Fly app makes creating flawless videos easier than ever before. The integrated DJI Mimo App Editor offers manual settings, advanced features and intuitive templates that allow you to create professional compositions in seconds.

Strengthen creativity

Remote control - developed for pilots
The newly designed remote control offers an impressively long battery life of 240 minutes and sits comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic design. The new clamp enables quick and easy attachment of smartphones, while the integrated antennas significantly improve user-friendliness.

ND Filter - Optimal possibilities
The Mavic Air 2 offers two ND filter sets to control exposure and allow more creative possibilities. The ND filter set 16/64/256 is useful for setting the shutter speed and in extreme lighting conditions, while the ND set 4/8/32 allows vivid, bright images even at low ISO values.

Technical data
Ausführung: RTF - READY TO FLY
Bauerfahrung: Beginners
Flight Skill: Beginners
Gewicht (g): 570
Height (mm): 77
Länge (mm): 183
Rec. Battery: beinhaltet
empf.Motor: Included
Box contents
- 1x aircraft
- 1x Smart Controller
- 3x Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1x battery charger
  • 1x AC power cable
  • 6x low-noise propellers (pair)
  • 1x RC cable (USB-C connection)
  • 1x RC cable (Lightning connection)
  • 1x RC cable (standard Micro-USB connector)
  • 1x gimbal protection
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x Additional joysticks (pair)
  • 1x ND filter set (ND16/64/256)
  • 1x battery charging station
  • 1x Battery to Power Bank Adapter
  • 1x shoulder bag