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Manufacturer number: 1-00667
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New MSB sensor TEK stands for Total Energy Compensated.
The innovative Total Energy Compensated (TEK) Vario function, as well as the precision
Speed measurement (TAS) make the TEK-Vario - TAS sensor a must for the
ambitious glider / aerobatic pilots.
The Total Energy Compensation allows you from now on to control the "stick thermals" (the "pulling" of the stick).

or "Press") to make it even easier and more precise to search for thermals, and
particularly advantageous. Particularly advantageous is the stepless adjustment to individual model and pilot needs.
Adjustable compensation strength, this can be adjusted via the MULTIPLEX Launcher, or comfortably via the MULTIPLEX
during the flight via the transmitter (by means of a servo channel assigned to an arbitrary servo channel)
slider controller) can be adjusted. The TEK-Vario - TAS sensor uses a so-called
Precision-Prandtl-Tube as measuring sensor, so that the sensor is additionally able to measure the real
speed (TAS - True Air Speed) of your model in the air. In contrast to
conventional speed measurement using GPS "over ground", the TEKVario - TAS sensor is a
is therefore an important tool to protect your model from a dangerous stall.
the TEK-Vario-TAS sensor.

The TEK-Vario-TAS sensor is characterized by a number of innovative features:
  • Measurement of the sink rate / rate of ascent via precision TEK-Vario / height sensor.
  • Adjustable TEK effect.
  • Measurement of the real flow velocity via dynamic pressure.
  • Measurement of the current altitude above ambient pressure.
  • Automatic calibration of the TEK-Variosensor, the altitude sensor and the
  • Speed measurement.
  • Automatic adaptation of the speed measurement to the altitude above sea level dependent
  • Air density, this allows a correct display of the speed independent of the altitude.
  • Adjustable warning threshold for maximum speed, stall warning (stall warning).
  • Adjustable warning threshold for minimum altitude, maximum altitude, for maximum sink rate.
  • Adjustable integration time of the vario.
  • Adjustable suppression of self-sinking.
  • Easy operation and updating via MULTIPLEX Launcher.

Box contents
- TEK Vario with True Airspeed Sensor
- Prandtl pipe
- 2 x connection hose 2,5m

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