SKYRC BD250 Discharger 35A 250W

Product number: 9780273
Manufacturer number: SK600133
EAN-Code: 6930460006141


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Description "SKYRC BD250 Discharger 35A 250W"
Simple, robust and incredibly powerful - that's the new BD250 discharger from SkyRC. Nearly every battery, no matter what type or size, can be used for discharging.

But also measuring the battery capacity is a breeze with the BD250, successor of the BD200. Not only has the device been significantly improved compared to its predecessor. It is also stylish and small, has a state of the art cooling system and IXYS MOSFETs ensure that a successful discharge is possible at a constant 250W.

- Groundbreaking cooling system
- Simple and innovative operation
- Revised device fuse for easier replacement
- 40A spare flat fuse included
- Almost any battery compatible for connection
- USB port for PC connection and software updates
- Get even more data at 30 second intervals with the corresponding computer program to optimize performance

Technical data:
- Discharge voltage range: 5,40-35,00V
- Low voltage alarm: <5.2V
- Overvoltage alarm: >35V Max.
- Max. discharge power: 250W
- Discharge current range: 0.01-35.00A
- Power consumption in sleep mode: <100uA
- Current Display accuracy: 0.01-10.00A ±60mA
- • 10,00-35,00A ±3%
- Voltage Display accuracy:
- 5,4-10V <80mV
- 10-20V <120mV
- 20-35V <160mV

- Capacity Display accuracy: +-3
- weight: 879g
- Dimensions: 136,6 x 104,8 x 107mm

Box contents
- BD250 discharging device
- Discharge cable with XT60 connector
- 40A Spare flat fuse
- Instruction manual