DJI OM 4 - Magneticmobilephoneclip

Product number: 9778396
Manufacturer number: 5456
EAN-Code: 6958265181832


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Description "DJI OM 4 - Magneticmobilephoneclip"
DJI OM 4 - magnetic cell phone clamp


- Connect your phone magnetically to DJI OM 4
- Convenient mounting.
- Light, thin and secure.
- The clamp is designed so that it does not cover any telephone keys.


- Simply attach your smartphone to the magnetic phone clip.
- Mount your phone quickly on the OM 4 or simply pick it up to answer a call or reply to a message.
- The magnetic cell phone clamp is inconspicuous and does not interfere with the use of the phone even when the clamp remains attached.
- Due to the smooth metal structure, the clamp lies comfortably in the hand.

The DJI OM magnetic clamp contains magnets. Keep the device away from magnetic cards, IC cards, pacemakers, hard drives, RAM chips and other devices to avoid interference.

Technical data

- weight: 32,6 g
- Dimensions: 67.8 × 40 × 17 mm
- Recommended telephone width: 67 to 84 mm
- Recommended phone thickness: 6.9 to 10 mm
- Recommended phone weight: 170 to 290 g