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The Osmo Pocket is stabilized on three axes and is DJI's smallest handheld gimbal yet. The gimbal compensates movements directly in real time and transforms every sunset and even the first steps of our children into movie-ready scenes.
A powerful tool for creative minds The Osmo Pocket transforms the most beautiful moments of life into wonderful images. The camera takes breathtaking photos thanks to the 1/2.3 inch sensor with an 80° field of view and an F2.0 aperture. Videos can be taken in real 4K UHD at 60 fps and 100 MBit/s, while 12 megapixel photos with a pixel size of 1.55 µm capture every moment impressively.

A tradition of constant innovation

The Osmo Pocket embodies our passion for innovation. The camera is no bigger than a standard chocolate bar and fits easily in any pocket, just like a smartphone or purse. Gone are the days when you had to carry around a clunky camera or a giant gimbal just to get blur-free shots.
Mechanical Gimbal Our engineers were able to develop a micro manufacturing process that allowed us to produce the smallest gimbal in our company's history. The miniaturized mechanical stabilization platform offers a brushless motor and incredibly precise gimbal control.

Silent cooling system

Powerful technology generates heat, which is why a passive cooling system was developed specifically for the Osmo Pocket, which effectively dissipates heat and thus ensures a long service life without any loss in performance.

Ergonomic and robust

The surface of the Osmo Pocket consists of a non-slip and sweat-resistant coating and can be held comfortably in all hand sizes. The integrated touch screen and function keys ensure intuitive and fast handling.

Universal interface

The Osmo Pocket is equipped with a universal interface that provides access to even more creative possibilities. The interface connects the Osmo Pocket to a smartphone or directly to a growing number of creative accessories.

Box contents
- 1x Osmo Pocket
- 1x cover
- 1x Smartphone adapter (Lightning)
- 1x Smartphone adapter (USB-C)
- 1x mains cable