Product number: 9747034
Manufacturer number: 3152
EAN-Code: 840630176023


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FPV flying on a new level with the Fatshark Dominator HD3 - the best FPV glasses in the world!

The huge viewing angle, the high resolution and the integrated video recorder make the Dominator HD3 the perfect glasses for flights from a pilot's perspective.
The Dominator HD3 has the perfect viewing angle with 42° FOV and sits even more comfortably with the new faceplate with fan.

With the built-in AV video recorder (analog video only), the transmitted image can also be recorded, both as a reminder of beautiful flights and, for example, to detect malfunctions via recorded on-screen data or to make it easier to find lost models.
Any digital video sources can be connected via the HDMI connection, for example for digital HD live image transmission.
The Dominator HD3 can now also display the usual 16:9 format (38° FOV, undistorted with narrow bars at the top and bottom) in HDMI mode for the best possible FPV quality.
The foam insert has also been redesigned to make the glasses fit even better.

As known from the proven Fatshark Dominator glasses, the Dominator HD3 also has module slots for headtracker and video receiver.

Special characteristics:
- Huge 42° field of view (FOV)
- 800 x 600 4:3 resolution with 42° FOV for analog signal
- 16:9 resolution with 38° FOV via HDMI input (undistorted with narrow bars at top and bottom)
- New design with ergonomic faceplate and fan to prevent fogging of the lenses
- Supports Side by Side 3D playback
- Built-in video recorder (not via HDMI input) with MicroSD card slot and playback function
- Adjustable interpupillary distance 59mm - 69mm
- Supports 720p input signals via HDMI
- Automatic selection of TV format (NTSC/PAL)
- Contrast and brightness adjustable
- Prepared for additional modules

Optional Accessories:
- Nexwave Receiver Module 5.8GHz
- Trinity Headtracker Module
- Corrective lenses -2, -4 and -6 diopters

Attention: A suitable charger is required to charge the LiPo battery!

Box contents
- Fatshark Dominator HD3 with faceplate and fan
- Lipo-battery 2S 1800mAh with LED status display and charging adapter
- AV cable
- HDMI Cable Mini/Mini and Adapter Mini/Micro and Mini/Standard
- tote bag