Product number: 9731689
Manufacturer number: NEXT161003
GTIN/EAN: 4260211766645


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Suitable for beginners: The hover trainer is intended for beginners. You can take over more and more control functions step by step and thus learn how to float from the four predetermined angles. An inverted flight trainer completes this training program. The switchable autopilot simulates the flight behaviour of real helicopters with BD3SX, HC3SX and SK720 rescue systems.

Advanced: The simulator is of course fully 3D airworthy. If desired, the flight simulator can display the stick movements in the four available control assignments. In neXt you can also train blade scratching and switch on a trajectory marker. Train auto rotations and memorize the ideal pitch angle with the auto rotation trainer. The redder the text on the helicopter, the more you are flaring. So you will always find the right angle in reality.

training videos for learning roles, turns, funnels, TicTocs and piruette figures (Piro-Flip, Piro-Looping, Piro-Circle, Piro-TicToc,...). Press v to open the flight recorder to load the training videos.

Fun: You can land exactly on training boxes with the helicopter. A switchable marker is very helpful when determining the position. The helicopter text displays any flight data directly in the field of vision. Meet your friends in online flight meetings. Up to 10 pilots can fly together. You can record your best flights with the integrated flight recorder, save them and watch them again later.

Race tracks for multicopters with FPV camera and Top 30 rankings (offline and online).

REDNECK NIGHT FLY with campfire and headlight. Inspired by Camp Hardcore and Tony Whiteside. The only place in the U.S. where Spotlight Flying is allowed.

Training for professional film production: Train camera flights in cooperation between the pilot and the cameraman on the DJI S1000 with 3-axis control and GPS stabilization. The Society of Aerial Cinematography (SOAC) can be controlled with a second remote control or a joypad.

Install: Just download and install. Alternatively, you can download the neXt in a version without installer. Simply copy the content to a location of your choice. No installation is required.

Compatible control systems:
- A remote control connected to the computer via USB simulator cable: We recommend the RX2SIM from RCWARE, as this adapter provides up to 8 proportional channels and works with all common remote controls.
- PS3 / PS4 controller (Apple OSX)
- XBox 360 Controller (Windows)

Compatible USB ECUs:
- Any remote control connected to the computer via USB simulator cable
- FrSky Taranis (with a normal USB cable, no USB simulator adapter required, OpenTX USB joystick)
- X-Box 360 Controller (Windows: install drivers supplied with the controller, OSX: separate drivers)
- PS3 or PS4 controller (OSX: no driver installation required, Windows: separate drivers)
- Reflex XTR interface in joystick mode
- Aerofly Professional and Aerofly 5.x interfaces and Aerofly USB remote control
- RealFlight6 Controller

These dongles and USB controllers are not compatible with neXt:
- Phoenix Dongle
- Modelcraft 6 Channel USB Controller
- BMI Gamepilot 6, 8 and 8.5 Controller
- Pichler FMS USB Adapter #C6091 (only the version with switch is compatible, because you have to switch to mode 2)
- Krühlstein USB Flight Simulator Cable #KR1201||||||fr (only the version with switch is compatible, because you have to switch to mode 2)

- Align T-Rex 800E PRO DFC (setup by Luca Pescante)
- Align T-Rex 700L Dominator (setup by Luca Pescante)
- Align T-Rex 700E PRO DFC HV (Setup by Luca Pescante)
- Align T-Rex 700E, MicroBeast flybarless system
- Align T-Rex 600E PRO DFC
- Align T-Rex 550L Dominator
- Align T-Rex 550E PRO DFC
- Align T-Rex 450L Dominator
- Align T-Rex 450PRO DFC
- Align M470 Multicopter
- Banshee 700 Limited Edition (setup by Michael Streit)
- Banshee F3N, Custom made by Nico Niewind
- Compass Atom 7HV Ultimate
- Compass Atom 6HV Ultimate
- Dart Tin DT 700E
- Dart Tin DT 600E
- Dart Tin DT 520E
- GAUI X7 Formula
- GAUI NX7 Formula
- JR Vibe 90 SG FBL (Setup by Urs Hotz, hovering bee)
- JR Forza 700
- KDS Agile 7.2
- KDS Agile 5.5
- Mikado Logo 700 XXtreme (setup by Mirko Cesena)
- Mikado Logo 600 SE
- Mikado Logo 600 3D
- Mikado Logo 500 SE
- Minicopter Diabolo 700 (setup by Max Grundler)
- Rave Ballistic 635
- SAB Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition (setup by Charles Aubert)
- SAB Goblin 700 Competition Carbon Edition (setup by Jonas Schelpe)
- SAB Goblin 700 Competition Carbon Edition HPS3 (Setup by Jonas Schelpe)
- SAB Goblin 700 (setup by Daniel Wiedenmann)
- SAB Goblin 570 (setup by Jonas Sc

Technical data
für Sender: Joystick,Gamecontroller,RC-Sender
Betriebssystem: Windows/Apple
Version: mit Interface
Box contents
- DVD with license key
- RX2Sim for wireless transmission of transmitter data to simulator