Product number: 9711357
Manufacturer number: 3031020
GTIN/EAN: 4250343830895


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USB HoTT interface set for aeroflyRC7 and Graupner HoTT receivers.

- For connecting a Graupner HoTT total signal receiver
- Perfect for wireless flying with Graupner HoTT receivers
- No additional adapter required

Suitable receiver types:
For this solution you need a receiver with an analog sum signal (GR-12 or e.g. GR-16) for which you can set whether the sum signal is analog or digital. The GR-12L or GR-12S receivers do not have an analog sum signal and cannot be switched. For information on whether the receiver outputs an analog sum signal and at which output, refer to the instructions for your HoTT receiver.

Simply connect the USB HoTT interface set to a free USB port on your computer. It is automatically detected by your computer and can be used for both the download and the DVD version of the aeroflyRC7.

It transmits all control functions to the computer, so you can also control all special functions such as retractable landing gear and landing flaps.

With this USB interface you can fly all models in the aeroflyRC7 with your own RC remote control.

For Graupner HoTT receivers with sum signal:
If you have a Graupner HoTT receiver with group signal output, you can connect the USB interface to the USB interface via the supplied patch cable and fly wirelessly.

The control signals are first transmitted from the RC transmitter via the radio link to the receiver and then to the computer via a short patch cable and the USB interface.

Box contents
- USB interface with patch cable