MUD-DART RC MudLED Modellbeleuchtung Ausführung Pins beiliegend

Product number: 9788318
Manufacturer number: MudLED-pins in bag


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Description "MUD-DART RC MudLED Modellbeleuchtung Ausführung Pins beiliegend"
MudLED lets you easily configure any kind of LED effect you want – from blindingly simple to blindingly complicated – using your phone, tablet, or any device with wifi.

Have you ever wanted to have your own custom lighting effects, but don’t know how to code?

MudLED Lets you use any WiFi enabled device (phone, tablet, laptop etc) to configure your own LED effects in an intuitive and simple way.
This is the second version of the MudLED, which is uses a custom designed circuit board that’s easy to use and incorporates feedback we got on the previous version.

Control up to 1000 LEDs
Easy to use web-browser based interface
Available with servo pins or solder pads
4 separate LED strip outputs
Small and light – about 25x40mm and 5g
Over-the-air updates for bug fixes and new features

Box contents
  • MudLED Controller
  • Version with separate pins enclosed
  • Instructions in English via QR Cod