CARSON 1:14 7,2/14V Volvo Headlight board

Product number: 9781014
Manufacturer number: 500907507
EAN-Code: 4005299005794


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Description "CARSON 1:14 7,2/14V Volvo Headlight board"
V-shaped daytime running lights - The distinctive look of the Volvo FH series.

The original headlight illumination recreated in the model. When the light is deactivated, the V-shaped daytime running light shines with 100% brightness, but if the low beam is activated, the brightness is reduced to 25%. To avoid stray light, one housing each is included with the circuit board set.

Attention: Not compatible with TAMIYA MFC-01/MFC-03.

Suitable for the following TAMIYA truck models:
300056360 1:14 RC Volvo FH16 Wooden Transporter

Technical data
Beleuchtung für: LKW
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