Product number: 9771616
Manufacturer number: 4160002
EAN-Code: 4250650936747


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Features :
-The guard over your model - Safty First is the motto with the LiPo Alarm by Absima
-Warns of over- / undervoltage of the battery by an ultralaut signal (warning signal is audible even at a great distance)
-Suitable for LiPo (1-8 cells) / LiFe / Li-Ion batteries
-voltage warning at 2.7 - 3.8V
-Battery connection via EH or XH Balancer connector system

Explanation of function VOLT CHECKER :
-LiPo battery (1S-8S) with a balancer plug (EH / XH) can be connected directly to the LiPo Checker.
-The display continuously shows the total voltage and each individual cell voltage.

Function explanation ALARM :
-By pressing the button on the top, you can set the low voltage protection alarm (except for 1S LiPos).
-The value is adjustable from 2.7V - 3.8V in 0.1V increments.
-If necessary, the alarm can also be deactivated.
-We recommend not to fall below the value of 3.0V!
-After the value has been set, a loud warning signal sounds as soon as the value falls below this value.

Scope of delivery :
-1 St. LiPo Volt Checker and Alarm

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