Product number: 9776861
Manufacturer number: PROFESSIONAL-M


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Product description
The LiPo Heating Case Pro has a two-line display and gives the user the possibility to change or display a variety of functions, values and parameters.

Display of ...
- SET and ACTUAL temperature
- Momentary voltage
- The following can be changed in the menu ...
- Target temperature
- Hysteresis
- Heating time
- Heating break
- Sound on/off
- Brightness of the display
- The base plate inside the case is a light grey powder-coated aluminium plate which is not electrically conductive and mainly scratch-resistant. In addition, the edge insulation has been glued in an optimized way.

Technical data Professional M

- Input voltage 12-28 Volt DC stabilized
- Power 40 watts
- Temperature 20 to 50°C adjustable
- Outside dimensions 375x315x163 mm
- Internal dimensions 316x232x50 mm
- weight 2,2kg
- Safety Polarity reversal protection
- Temperature fuse
- EU Declaration of Conformity CE

Safety instructions

This is not a lipo safety case!

Operation on AC voltage will destroy the heater and the battery inside. This voids any warranty of the manufacturer.

The operation of the heater is only permitted under supervision outdoors on a non-flammable surface.
The heater is maintenance-free. It will be destroyed when opened by the user.
The manufacturer accepts no liability if the heater is opened.
Defective batteries must not be warmed up in the heater, as the cells can explode and burn, especially with lipo batteries.
The present heater is only suitable for use in model making.
It is only approved for use with 12 to 28V stabilized DC voltage.
Operation is only permitted when the heater is closed.
Use only high-quality power supplies with filtered (smoothed) output voltage or 12V rechargeable batteries.

The power source must be equipped with appropriate overload protection.