Product number: 9771625
Manufacturer number: 1-00957
EAN-Code: 4059818009572


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Much more than just a LiPo-Checker: 3 devices in 1!

Lithium Battery Checker + Locator Beeper + Low Voltage Warning

Battery tester
It can indicate the voltage of each cell of the lithium polymer battery and gives the remaining capacity of the battery as a percentage value. The LEDs on the side of the battery tell you in a matter of seconds whether the battery is full, half full or empty.

Locating beeper / model finder

The Lithium Battery Checker uses the integrated sensor to detect whether the model is in motion or somewhere else. Via the adjustable threshold, an acoustic signal can be emitted after 1 minute of standstill, so that the model can be operated in tall grass or off the airfield.

Low voltage warning
The Lithium Battery Checker can remain in the model during flight and gives when the set threshold of the cell voltage is reached (standard are 3,50 Volt) an acoustic and optical warning. This makes it easy to detect if Battery is about to run out.

Info Display
The various displays give you a lot of information about the battery at a glance: Total voltage,
Residual capacity, cell drift and cell condition.
Suitable for all lithium batteries.

For left- and right-handers:
In the settings menu, the display can be rotated to adjust use.

Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 11 mm Weight: 16 g

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