Product number: 9762685
Manufacturer number: 2560
GTIN/EAN: 4250416704047


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Please also read our safety notice:
  • for 2S LiIon/LiPo batteries

• Bearing voltage is 3.8V per cell
  • automatic disconnection
  • almost no quiescent current
  • optical LED display

The Battlife Guard was developed especially for 2S LiIon and LiPo batteries. With this small plug the service life of the battery packs can be increased considerably without much effort. Lithium batteries age much faster if they are stored in a fully charged state for a longer period of time. The Battlife Guard is simply plugged into the battery connector and the electronics detect whether the battery pack is above a certain voltage level. If the voltage exceeds the voltage threshold, which is harmful for the battery, the battery is gently brought to a lower voltage level for several hours. The built-in LED indicates whether the battery is being discharged. The voltage level is selected so that the battery can be stored for a longer period of time without being damaged. The Battlife Guard can also remain connected to the battery after the discharge process - as soon as the battery has reached its storage voltage, the Battlife Guard switches itself off and no longer consumes electricity.