Product number: 9743370
Manufacturer number: 2535
EAN-Code: 4250416703637


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Please also read our safety notice:
New energy for the best models with the new PowerPak series! PowerBox-Systems introduces the next generation of the PowerBox Battery series.

The PowerPak series comes with a whole range of new innovations! The PowerPaks are available in different versions: PRO and ECO and each with 8.4V as receiver power supply or as a 12.6V turbine battery.

The ECO version has a fully-fledged balancer circuit and a charging socket integrated. The PowerPak ECO is charged with a suitable LiPo/LiIon charger.
The balance circuit ensures that individual cells are not overloaded, which would also put LiIon cells in a critical state. Capacity losses due to drifted cells are also effectively avoided.

Like all PowerBox battery types, the PRO version has the complete charging circuit and balance unit integrated. Charging is very easy with the built-in charging socket with the 110V/220V power supply or the 12V car adapter. The battery voltage, battery current and charging time are fully monitored by the electronics, eliminating the possibility of incorrect operation.
The included voltage monitor indicates the state of charge of the battery on the built-in or externally attachable LED.
A completely new feature is realized in PowerPak PRO by the integrated microcontroller: after a storage time of more than 6 days, the cells are automatically discharged to 3.8V per cell. This lowers the cell voltage to a safe and gentle level and increases the service life of the batteries enormously.

All PowerPak versions are built into a rugged housing and have a unified mounting frame. This allows the batteries to be changed quickly or simply built from model to model.
To make the change even easier, the PowerPaks have not installed the connection cable. Each battery is supplied with a connection cable for JR/Futaba or MPX connector.

All our battery packs undergo a certified manufacturing process. The legally required certification according to UN38.3 has been carried out, which allows shipping.

If the cells in a PowerPak are used up after a few years, we offer - as usual - a low-cost replacement of the cells and a check of the electronics.

  • integrated charging and safety electronics (PRO version)
  • Charging via power supply or 12V adapter (PRO version)
  • built-in voltage monitoring with external LED (PRO version)
  • automatic discharge to maintenance status (PRO version)
  • High-capacity LiIon batteries of the latest generation
  • Two different equipment versions ECO and PRO
  • Various output voltages 8.4V and 12.6V
  • for receiver power supply or as a turbine battery
  • Integrated balancer
  • built-in charging socket
  • robust housing protects against external influences
  • secure hold in the mounting frame with quick-release fastener
  • does not need to be removed from the model for loading
  • quick battery replacement possible
  • low-cost cell replacement service

Technical data
Capacity (mAh): 2500
Form: 3S
Voltage (V): 11,1