Robbe Modellsport NAVY Control 540 R Control Unit

Product number: 45430
Manufacturer number: 8616
EAN-Code: 4005697086166


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Description "Robbe Modellsport NAVY Control 540 R Control Unit"
Compact power controller with the functions: Forward - Stop - Reverse, for 600... 700 engines. In principle the same design as the navy control 535R, but with an extended operating voltage range of 6 to 28 volts. With extreme heat sink, thus designed for a continuous load current of 40A. With acrylic lacquer sealant to protect against splash water damage.

Special features:
  • FET: Power MOS field effect transistors
  • OPTO: Galvanic isolation of receiver and motor circuit to avoid motor-related reception interference
  • hec: High clock frequency for sensitive, magnetically gentle motor control
  • POR: Tarnish protection, prevents unintentional starting of the motor
  • TP: Thermal overload protection
  • PCO: Undervoltage cutoff
  • RXF: RX filter, switch-off of the REcontroller in case of missing or disturbed transmitter signal
  • eps: Simplest programming
  • TASTER: Enter key for programming
  • LED: Display of operating and programming function in
  • SI: High-quality, flexible silicone connection cables
  • WP: Splash water protection

Particularly sensitive, quasi stepless control behaviour.

Technical data
BEC: opto
Cells: 6-18NiXX/6-24V Pb
Dauer A: 40
Drive Type: Electro
Height (mm): 75/67/39
Max A: 70
Weight: 231
Windings: Brushed