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Manufacturer number: 80001109
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The DUPLEX TU2 module can be used in almost any transmitter where there is sufficient space for the additional module and the "PPM" operating mode is available. If you want to use the TU2 module in addition to your 35Mhz system, you need the SWTU2 safety switch B-Nr. 85913 to switch between the two modulations. Furthermore, it is possible to install the piezo at another location with the aid of the acoustic additive B-Nr. 85914 and to retrofit a headphone connection.
Suitable for the following stations (almost all):
- Futaba: 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C,9Z, FN, T10C, 3PK, 3PJ, FC-18, FC-28, FC-16, FC-18 JUNIOR, T6EXHP, 12FG, 12Z, 14MZ, FX-18, FX-14
- Hitec: Optic 6, Eclipse 7, Prism 7, Laser 4, Laser 6, Optic 6 sport
- Graupner/JR: X-347, X-388, X-9303, MX-22, X-3810 ADT, PCM-10S, PCM-10X, FM-6014, MC-17, MC-18, MC-20, MC-24
- Graupner: MC-10, MC-12, MC-14, MC-15, MC-16, MC-19, MC-22, MC-16-20, MX-12, MX-16s
- Multiplex: Series 7,9,12, Cockpit SX, Profi 3000, 4000

The Duplex EX system is the successor of the thousandfold proven Jeti-Duplex remote control system. It extends the possibilities of telemetry data transmission. A detailed analysis of the telemetry data and a storage of the data for mapping on the PC is thus possible. Many Jeti Duplex components already in operation can be updated to the Duplex EX system. The user can perform the update himself via a PC and the Jeti USB Interafce. Of course, the Duplex EX system is downwards compact and works with all existing JetiDuplex components without any problems.

Technical data
Abmessung: 55/26/11 mm
Current drain: 38 mA
Gewicht: 15 g
Number of channels: 16
Output power: 20 dBm
Temperaturbereich: -10 zu +85°C
Voltage: 3,2-16 V
Box contents
*TU2 2.4Ghz module
*2.4Ghz Transmitter antenna

Technical data