FUTABA T7PXR Potless V3 + R334SBS-E + LiPo 2800mAh + Charger

Product number: 9779906
Manufacturer number: 01000059P
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Description "FUTABA T7PXR Potless V3 + R334SBS-E + LiPo 2800mAh + Charger"
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The FUTABA T7PXR is the ultimate hi-end professional remote control for ambitious RC model sportsmen and competition professionals! or in other words: the Futaba T7PXR is the flagship among pistol transmitters.

The transmitter is the first choice for all RC pilots who want to get the most out of themselves and their equipment.

POTLESS V3 throttle & steering wheel // >Detailed description in our FUTAPEDIA
The innovative POTLESS V3 control units scan the movement of the throttle lever and the steering wheel without contact and thus absolutely wear-free. While a potentiometer always has a pick-up that slides over a layer of carbon, POTLESS V3 has no mechanical contact between the control unit (magnet) and the signal pick-up (magnetic sensor) during the scanning of the control movements.

Our test pilots report that the already fast control effect (due to the FUTABA SR transmission) feels even more direct in practice with the sensor/magnet system we have chosen. The maximum implementation of all the advantages of our ACT-Potless technology is then achieved by using the new FUTABA HPS Car Servos or SR-capable FUTABA Servos.

The transmitter is programmed intuitively via the huge colour touch display and the buttons on the top of the transmitter. As a special feature the T7PXR is equipped with the innovative, ultra-fast transmission system T-FHSS SR. With T-FHSS SR, the response of the model is even more direct, while at the same time providing maximum transmission reliability!

The different transmission modes offer the following possibilities:

> T-FHSS-SR - 4 channels without telemetry at maximum transmission speed
> T-FHSS - 4 channels with telemetry
> S-FHSS - 4 channels without telemetry

With a latency of 2.45 ms, the T-FHSS SR (Super Response) transmission mode is noticeably faster than the previous T-FHSS system with its 4.15 ms latency.

In order to be able to take full advantage of the speed of the Futaba T-FHSS SR technology, there are numerous FUTABA SV servos that can also be switched to SR mode. The following servos are currently SR compatible: BLS371SV / BLS471SV / BLS571SV / BLS671SV / BLS671SVi / BLS373SV / S9372SV / S9373SV / HPS-CB700.

Technical data
- Transmission type: T-FHSS SR / T-FHSS / S-FHSS / FASST(C2)
- Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
- Channels: 7
- Transmission power: 100 mW EIRP
- voltage range: 6.0 - 7.4 V
- weight approx.: 515 g

- 7-channel professional computer remote control system with POTLESS V3
- Currently fastest transmission system T-FHSS SR
- Ergonomically optimised housing design
- Flatstyle keys for optimum operation
- Steering wheel backdrop in carbon look
- Red anodised titanium allen screws
- Perfectly suited for uncompromising competitive drivers
- R334SBS receiver with antenna diversity
- Telemetry function
- Telemetry functions with optional sensor: temperature, speed, receiver battery voltage, external voltage
- Integrated antenna
- Servo-Link Connector
- 40 Model Memory locations
- Navigation in the menu via JogStick
- NFC function with Android devices
- Large colour touch display
- Menu languages German, English & Japanese
- Integrated loudspeaker
- 40 model memory locations, expandable via SD card
- Adjustable throttle lever
- Adjustable steering wheel position
- Dual Rate & Exponential Function
- Lap time taking
- ABS Function
- Model name max. 15 characters
- User name max. 15 characters
- Firmware update via SD card possible
- Fail Safe
- Graphic servo monitor
- POTLESS V3 Technology
- Sensing of throttle lever and steering wheel without contact
- Hi Resolution with 4,096 steps
- More direct response
- No measurable latency
- Temperature stable
- Totally wear-free

Technical data
Channels: 7/4/0/A
2,4 GHz: 9779906
Selection category: for car and boat models
Box contents
- T7PXR transmitter with Potless V3 throttle and steering wheel
- Receiver R334SBS-E
- Lipo transmitter battery 2800mAh
- Battery charger
- Instructions