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All-purpose external release agent based on solvents with short drying time.
Operating temperature up to 140 °C
Solvent based
Universally applicable
Semi-permanent: multiple demoulding possible per order
High lubricating effect at high mould temperatures
Silicone-free formulation
Short flash-off time
Saves time-consuming waxing and polishing cycles

The use of this product eliminates the need for constant waxing and polishing. A single application of a single coat allows for several demoulding operations after a certain start-up time, during which the mould has to be prepared more often.

The release spray forms a monomolecular film that adheres to the surface of the mold and shows no affinity to the molded part. The film does not peel and, due to its good release effect, brings significant progress for the plastics sector.

The release spray is silicone-free and suitable for the processing of thermoset resins, polyester (hot and cold working), epoxy resins and phenolic resins. Especially when working with higher temperatures, impeccable results can be achieved.

Before the first use of Semiperm® monofilm release agents, the moulds must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and release agent residues. The application can be done by spraying, wiping or brushing. Before starting production, make sure that the film is absolutely dry. Before use, Semiperm® Monofilm release agent should be stirred or shaken up.

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