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CFK ball joint adapter for carbon tube 5x3 with built-in M3 threaded rod M3x20, now the connection rudder lever to servo lever can be established quickly and safely. Our CFK ball joint adapters with firmly injected M3 threaded rod 3x20 (only 1.3g) can be glued on the cut to length CFK tube 3x5 without problems with some 5min epoxy. The bonded CFRP ball joint adapter effectively prevents the CFRP tubes from bursting. The resulting connection servo - rudder lever is not only light and stable, its low mass prevents premature wear of the servo gear. In each package (4 pieces) we include a special key to facilitate the assembly and fine adjustment of the ball joints in the model. The CFK ball joint adapters can easily be glued and painted. Our threaded caps are made of highly compressed carbon fibre plastic (nylon with 45% carbon fibre content). At 300 °C and under high pressure (1800 bar), the caps in hardened stainless steel moulds get their appearance. Since this process is similar to the manufacture of highly stressed components in large aircraft construction, we have adopted it for the manufacture of our threaded caps. The result is a high-strength component that does not have to shy away from a comparison with duraluminium. However, it is lighter and more vibration resistant. All CFRP components are manufactured in Germany on state-of-the-art CNC machines.

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4 pcs. ball joint adapter
Tool Special wrench


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