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Safety switch with anti-flash function.

Electronic safety switch for electric drives. An anti-flash function prevents sparks when the battery is plugged in.

Separates the motor from the drive battery, i. e. the drive remains inactive and safe until it is switched on. Finally, prepare the model in peace and quiet without having to be afraid of "spinning" engines.

High-quality silicone connecting cables with 4mm² cross section. 6-layer multilayer board with up to 9mm² copper cross section.

suitable for 6S to 16S LiPo batteries (18V to 70V). 60A continuous current and 120A peak current - ideal for F3A models.

Technical data

Dimensions (LxWxH) 65/30/9,3 mm
Weight 45 g

Box Contents

  • PLC Safetypowerswitch 70V 60/120A
  • Magnetic switch encoder
  • fixing screws
  • EMCOTEC 3D Stickers
  • Operating instructions

Security finally has a name - Emcotec! Quality Made in Germany since 1988. Emcotec develops products, from their own production, for the RC market in the highest quality. Top pilots from all over the world trust Emcotech with their power supplies and electronic switches.


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