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These shapely refuelling valves made of solid aluminium (coloured anodised) allow a clean refuelling of the model without fuel flowing back. For refuelling, the fueling nozzle (plastic tube) is pressed into the tank valve. A non-return device is released so that the fuel can flow freely. After refuelling, the filling nozzle is removed. The valve closes automatically and is tight. The refuelling valves are suitable for filling and emptying the tank. Due to the high quality materials (aluminium, stainless steel, Viton) all common liquids can be pumped: Petrol, smoke oil, methanol, kerosene, petroleum, diesel, water.

Technical data

Silber 9728646
Schwarz 9728645
Rot 9728644

Box Contents

  • Refuelling valve
  • Refuelling nozzle (PTFE pipe)
  • 6 pcs. screws (self-tapping)
  • Counterflange
  • sticker set "FUEL", "SMOKE", "JET A-1"
  • Brief instructions

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