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The GLOWSTAR is a glow plug heater for one or two glow plugs. When the engine is throttled, current is supplied to the plug(s) so that the plug(s) is/are forced to glow and the engine therefore also runs much better and more reliably in the lower speed range.

The starting point - from which the plug begins to glow - can be set individually with the trim pot "SETUP". The GLOWSTAR is either plugged into a free receiver channel, which is mixed with the engine throttle on the transmitter side, or connected parallel to the engine throttle servo using a V-cable.

The receiver battery should under no circumstances be used as the power source, as the glow plug heater requires a relatively large amount of power. 2 NiCd cells should be used for one plug, 4 NiCd cells should be used for two plugs.

The GLOWSTAR is supplied with two extra long glow plug cables.

technical data:

Rated voltage for one plug:

  • 2.4V 2NC cells
  • Rated voltage for one candle: 4.8V 4NC cells
  • Power consumption (depending on the candle) 1-2A
  • Annealing time with Sanyo RC 2000 NiCd cells 60-120 min
  • Dimensions: 35x25x6mm
  • Weight 12g


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