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The uniLIGHT SMALL winch is a compact and technically sophisticated solution for comfortable aerotow operation. The SMALL model is optimized for small spaces and lightest weight. Perfect for compact and electrically driven tractors.

  • dimensions: 88x44x78mm
  • Additional weight to the conventional system: approx. 100g
  • Towing performance: medium gliders up to approx. 12-15kg, depending on flying style
  • emergency jettisoning: integrated
  • Hull lead-through: included in delivery
  • Total weight: 155g
  • winding motor: brushless, non-blocking belt drive
  • winding room: e.g. 30m/0.8mm rope (68daN)
  • winding room: e.g. 25m/1mm rope (195daN)
  • Power consumption: 15-20mAh per towed flight
  • Power supply: 2S/8V Lipo
  • Receiver: 1x Servo UNI, galvanically isolated, HV suitable
  • construction: GFK, aluminium
  • signal light: uniLIGHT RND-080-RT enclosed

Powered by an own or an existing 2S LiPo battery in the system, the power consumption is just as low as that of a stronger servo. Connection is made via a channel on the receiver, operated classically via a 3-step switch:

A) Mid-position: Winch is in idle mode for normal towing.

B) Switch position 1 +100%: emergency release, the integrated mechanism releases the rope

C) Switch position 2 selectable between approx. -80% to -120%, winding, percentage value determines winding speed (slow, medium, fast)

In normal operation it is dragged to the middle position. As soon as the glider has disengaged, the switch can be switched to position 2 (wind up). Depending on the selected output percentage, the winch will now pull in the rope. As soon as the end of the winding movement or an increased drive current is detected, the winch switches off. If no relevant rope length has been retracted, the process is repeated 2-3 more times.
As long as the switch remains in this position, the rope is tried to retract again and again as soon as it is pulled again (too much wind suction, retraction with sag,... )

The servo signal can also be operated via several switches or encoders via modern transmitters. For example, the retraction can be operated via a switch other than the emergency release. The intake can also be combined with the landing flap, ...

The emergency release can be operated at any time, but the pin can also release the rope in the event of accidental operation. Check the lock after accidental operation.

Alle Betriebsmodi sind über den beiliegenden uniLIGHT Signalblitz auch am Boden jederzeit zu erkennen.

Box Contents

  • Winch complete
  • Reinforcement plate optional
  • Fuselage lead-through
  • Signal light


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