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Segler-Rucksack 175 x 34 x 13 cm mit umlaufenden Reißverschluß und interner Abdeckung

Ideal sailing backpack for easy, safe and practical transport to the place of use. A large storage compartment (approx. 175 x 34 cm), which can be closed with a zipper all around, accommodates the surfaces. The second drawer (approx. 88 x 25 cm) holds the tail unit. Lockable by Velcro fastener. The nose of the model is taken up by the strongly lined front bag (approx. 36 x 25 cm). The Velcro loop holds the fuselage in position. Wide, individually adjustable carrying straps allow a fatigue-free and comfortable transport of your model. This backpack has a zipper running around three sides with two sleds. You can open the segler175rv like a book. This means that you can easily and conveniently open it to both sides and even leave one side open if necessary and take part of the model outdoors if the model is longer than the bag. Furthermore, segler175rv has 2 large D-rings in which the attached riser can be attached. So you can wear them over your shoulder. Like a rifle pouch or an ordinary gym bag. In addition, these D-rings can be attached to individual holding devices in order to secure the whole thing e. g. inside the car. And everything remains well protected.

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