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This fully-installed semi-scale rear suspension system is durable and good looking. Comes with rudder angle and springs for steering between rudder and tailwheel steering. Wheel included.

Technical data

Length: 108 mm
Height: 60 mm
Wheel-Ø: 25 mm
Weight: 18,5 g

max. Höhe 60 mm
Ø 25 mm

Box Contents

  • 1 semi-scale rear suspension
  • 1 rudder angle
  • 2 ferrules
  • 1 wheel Ø25 mm

Dubro produces high quality RC Accessories for every hobbyist's needs! In 1959, Dubro began producing and shipping RC accessories from its' factory in Illinois, USA. Their high quality product assortment begins with motor mounts, fill valves, fuel containers and filters all the way to control horns, wheels, struts and landing gear. Everything an RC enthusiast would need to build or modify their models.


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