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Modern electric retractable undercarriage (main undercarriage) with mounted servo motor * 4.0mm bore/receiver for the undercarriage wire * For models of the.30 class or up to approx. 2kg model weight * Operating voltage 4.8 - 8.0V * No joints required - simply plug it into a free channel in the receiver (V-cable) and actuate via the switching channel of your transmitter * The chassis is made of fibre-reinforced plastic and weighs only 32g.
Suitable Chassis legs SET for the BD-5J Order no. 9708203 .

Technical data

geeignet für Modelle bis 2kg/BD-5J 9708203
Sonstiges 30erKlasse
A 65,80 mm
B 32,50 mm
C 35,10 mm
D -
E 25,10 mm
F -
G 4 mm
H -
Art elektrisch
Federbeine 2 Bein
Drehend -
Gesamtgewicht 64 g

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