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"SLR" retractable undercarriages are all-metal electric retractable undercarriages. Precise in production and function. High operational safety for reliable retraction and extension of the landing gear legs. The SLR controller required for operation can control steerable nose gear and has its own inputs and outputs. The chassis mechanism is made of aluminium with small tolerances, the spindle drive is ball bearing mounted and the drive motor is completely encapsulated. 2S Lipos are an excellent power supply. Operating voltage: 5-8.4V. For model weights up to 14kg. German user manual (Download).

Technical data

geeignet für Modelle -
Sonstiges -
A 96 mm
B 45 mm
C 47 mm
D 26 mm
E 32 mm
F 90°
G 11 mm
H -
Art elektrisch
Federbeine 1 Bein
Drehend nein
Gesamtgewicht 130 g

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