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Some like it bright! The POWER-MULTIlight is the first choice when you wish to fit out your model aircraft with a more realistic lighting system. The switchable landing light, navigation and anti-collision lights endow your model with a highly authentic look. The nine ultra-bright 8 mm LEDs are pre-wired (cable length per LED 1 m) and fitted with connectors, making installation very easy. The POWER-MULTIlight is suitable for power models of around 1300 mm wingspan or larger, 500-size helicopters and larger, and model jets.

The following functions can be switched from the RC system transmitter:
  • Everything OFF
  • Navigation lights and anti-collision light ON
  • Navigation lights, anti-collision light and landing light ON . All functions are permanently ON if the system is connected directly to a power source.
  • If you wish to control the lighting system from the transmitter, a three-position switch and one free channel are required. Compatible with all RC systems.
  • Landing light and position lights can be switched on and off from the transmitter
  • Low weight
  • Ultra-bright LEDs
  • Current drain: 1.45 A
  • Input voltage range: 7.4 ~ 12.6 V
  • LED outputs: 9
  • LED output voltages: Red LEDs: 2.3 V, white LEDs: 3.2 V, green LED: 3.2 V
  • Total output power: 4.5 W
  • Power of single LED: 500 mW
  • Case dimensions: 67 x 41 x 19.2 mm
  • Size of LEDs: 8 mm Ø, 8 mm high
  • Socket: JST (red BEC socket)
  • Weight of control unit: 35 g
  • Total weight incl. all LEDs and leads: 55-60 g

Box Contents

  • 9 x LEDs completely pre-wired
  • 2 x white double-flash
  • 2 x flashing red
  • 2 x white landing light
  • 1 x constant red
  • 1 x constant green
  • 1 x constant white

Since their founding in 1958, Multiplex has developed top RC Radio Systems for the RC Industry! With the current 2,4 GHz Technology M-LINK and telemetry system, Multiplex has put itself in front of the RC Industry in Germany. Since the early 2000s Multiplex began producing finished models made from Elapor, a high-tech particle foam, which setted a milestone im the RC Airplane, as well as in the Helicopter (Funcopter) sectors. Since 2002, Multiplex has been owned by the south korean HiTEC group and has become one of the leading RC manufacturers in the world!


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