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Versatile new version of 6-channel lighting electronics with numerous lighting functions and dimming effects.

The Aurora LCU EVO2 now offers even more true to original flash sequences (24), beacons (4) and afterburner simulations (10) with a doubled output power of 3A per output. New is the soft-start dimming effect (optional slow dimming up of the output instead of hard switching on) and a seaplane landing light sequence: In seaplanes, the landing lights flash alternately during landing approach.

Furthermore, it is now possible to simulate MG, MK and Gatling fires with the multi-gun effect.

The intelligent firmware stores the desired activation point for each output and adapts completely to the transmitter (e.g. reverse / normal operation). This also makes it easy to learn how to activate any light functions by setting landing flaps or extending the landing gear.

The Aurora LCU EVO2 can be operated with up to 13V (3S LiPo). This also allows the connection of LED lights designed for 12V (LED strips, HV LEDs, etc....).

Technical data

Eingangsspannung 3,1V-13,0V 1s/2s/3s Lipo,2s/3s LiFePO
Betriebsstrom max. 34mA
Ruhestrom 50ìA (< 440mAh / Jahr) im Schlafmodus
Empfängerstrom max. 8mA
Signaleingang galvanisch getrennt,mit Servopulsverst
Ausgänge 6xPermanent/Flash/Beacon/Afterburner


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