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The short version of the miniature high-power light with 4W reference power for small and smallest models, on rudder systems, thin wings or ideally also on styrofoam models. The mini lamp is supplied as a ready-assembled unit on a CNC machined aluminium heat sink and an enclosed polycarbonate cover. The cap is specially designed to diffuse light for better visibility, which must be glued on during installation.

Please note that high-power LEDs can get very warm, up to 70°C is quite normal. Check the operating temperatures after installation.

Technical data

Referenzleistung 4W
Spannung 8(12)V
Stromstärke 0.35A
Abstrahlwinkel >160°
Lichtstärke ca.~50 Lumen
Abmessungen 8x18x9 (Kappe)
Gewicht 2,5g (ohne Kabel)
Abmessung Kühlstift D7x14

Box Contents

1m silicone cable and pre-assembled resistor for 2S and resistor for 3S included in delivery


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