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4W position light, 8mm

Miniature high-power light with 4W reference power for smaller models, on fins or thin wings. The mini lamp is supplied as a fully assembled unit on a CNC-manufactured aluminium heat sink and an enclosed polycarbonate cap as a cover. The cap is specially designed to diffuse the light for better visibility, which must be glued on during installation.

Please note that high-power LEDs can become very warm, up to 70°C is quite normal. Check the operating temperatures after installation.

Information on the reference power is a pure comparison value between the lamps offered. They normally refer to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and are dependent on lamp, operating mode and technology.

Pay attention to the operating temperature, we cannot accept any warranty for overheating.

Attention: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into an LED!

Technical data

Referenzleistung 4W
Spannung 8(12)V
Stromstärke 0.35A
Abstrahlwinkel >160°
Lichtstärke ca.100 Lumen
Abmessungen D7x29mm Kühlstift/8x18x9mm Kappe
Gewicht 4g (ohne Kabel)

Box Contents

  • 4W position light, 8mm
  • with 1m silicone cable and pre-assembled resistor for 2S and resistor for 3S included


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