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Thin high-power light with 4W and wide beam angle due to special scattering cap. The pin light is supplied as a ready-assembled unit on a special CNC machined aluminium tube and a fixed polycarbonate cover. The luminaire is preassembled for operation with 2S Lipo (approx. 8V). When operating with 3S (12V) the enclosed resistor must be used, alternatively you can also use a 4W-3S adapter cable.

In addition, the scope of delivery also includes an additional polycarbonate cap, which turns the luminaire into a profile/drop-shaped external light. The cap can be glued in separately and painted individually in the model colour.

Please note that high-power LEDs can get very warm, up to 70°C is quite normal. These luminaires with heat sink mounting are suitable for continuous operation when air convection is possible. Check the operating temperatures after installation.

Reference power data is a pure comparison value between the offered illuminants. They normally refer to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and depend on lamp, operating mode and technology.

Pay attention to the operating temperature, the manufacturer does not assume any warranty for overheating.

Attention: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into an LED!

Technical data

Reference power 4W
Voltage [V] 8V(12V)
Current [A] >160°
angle of reflected beam 18-25°
Luminosity ~50 Lumen
Dim. assembly pin [mm] Ø10/12mm,L=57,5mm
Weight 5g (ohne Kabel)
Overall dimension Ø10x45mm, Flansch zur Kappe Ø12mm
Weight Ø10x12,5mm, Flansch zur Kappe Ø12mm

Box Contents

  • pin light 10mm, 4W (red)
  • with 1m silicone cable
  • Pre-assembled series resistor for 2S
  • resistor for 3S included
  • profile-shaped expansion cap


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