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8W navigation & strobe, 8mm
Powerful position and flash light in a small housing. The profile light of the 8mm series is very slim on the outside and fits visually even on the smallest models. However, despite its compact size, it has a high light output due to powerful LED emitters. The special aluminium core PCBs with CNC machined heat sinks allow the smallest dimensions with a unique slim design.

The polycarbonate scattering cap is only attached when delivered. This can be painted separately, is highly transparent and break-proof. On request, the luminaire can be recessed mounted up to 3mm and is even smaller in size. The cap must be glued after final assembly.

The luminaire is preassembled for operation with 2S Lipo (approx. 8V). When operating with 3S (12V) the enclosed resistor must be used, alternatively you can also use a 4W-3S adapter cable. Please note that high-power LEDs can get very warm, up to 70°C is quite normal. These luminaires with heat sink housings are suitable for continuous operation when an air flow (in flight) is possible. If this is not the case, then switch-on periods of 5-10 should not be exceeded. Check the operating temperatures after installation.

Light cap dimensions: 8x30x8mm, retractable up to 4mm without loss of beam angle

Reference power data is a pure comparison value between the offered illuminants. They normally refer to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and depend on the lamp, operating mode and technology.

Pay attention to the operating temperature, we cannot accept any warranty for overheating.

Attention: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into an LED!

Technical data

Referenzleistung 8W
Spannung 8(12)V
Stromstärke 0.35A
Abstrahlwinkel >160°
Lichtstärke ca.50/130 Lumen ROT/WEISS
Abmessungen D7x14mm/D7x29mm (Montagestift)
Gewicht 6g (ohne Kabel)

Box Contents

  • 8W Navigation & Strobe, 8mm red/white
  • 1m silicone cable and ready-made series resistor for 2S operation and resistor for 3S included


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