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8W point light with two clear polycarbonate caps (10mm and 24mm). The module is delivered pre-wired with an aluminum mounting plate for cooling and Monday. Also included is another small heat sink for alternative mounting with very small dimensions. In case of longer operation, please pay attention to the temperatures, for the 8W module we recommend the use of cooling plate AND heat sink.

All you have to do is apply the desired cap and heat sink with superglue. The 10mm cap serves as light distribution for concealed installation behind a GRP wall, the 24mm cap can be used for outdoor installation, as it completely covers the module. Accessories include a polycarbonate profile extension that can optionally be glued to the 10mm cap.

Please note that high-power LEDs can become very warm, up to 70°C is quite normal. With the supplied heat sink mounting, this lamp is suitable for continuous operation if light air flow is ensured. Check the operating temperatures after installation.

Information on the reference power is a pure comparison value between the lamps offered. They normally refer to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and depend on lamp, operating mode and technology.

Pay attention to the operating temperature, the manufacturer does not assume any warranty for overheating.

Attention: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into an LED!

Technical data

Reference power 8W
Voltage [V] 8V(12V)
Current [A] 0,7A
angle of reflected beam >160°
Luminosity ~80 Lumen
Dimensions baseplate [mm] 20x50mm
Weight 8g (ohne Kabel)
Small cap 15x15x6mm, selbstklebend
Big cap Ø10x12mm + Profilerweiterung
Große Kappe Ø24x10mm

Box Contents

  • round light 10/24mm, 8W (red)
  • with 1m connection cable
  • Pre-assembled series resistor for 2S operation
  • resistor for 3S included



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